Our network of factories is located in Asia and Europe. They are our most important asset. Our supplier policy is long term relationship with factories and all of our factories have passed tight audit.

Safety network of factories

We are not depending on one factory regarding pcb type or qty. We have wide network of pcb factories behind us. Factories are selected to meet all kind of pcb needs what You as our customer might have.

We make purchaser work easier with our wide network. There is selected only quality suppliers precisely according capability, quality, delivery performance, cost effectiveness and service attitude. From these factories we can supply whole product life cycle pcbs, starting from proto to production series and all way to spare parts. Purchaser can let us deliver all their pcb needs, because we are spreading on behalf of purchaser different kind of pcb needs to most suitable factory in our network.

We also offer for every type and qty of pcb the primary and the secondary factories. Thus we are able to ensure the availability of printed circuit boards with the secondary factories when an unexpected problem is facing the primary factories.